Cover - Service Quality Leader / Performance Team leader
(Ref: SYS-179)

Location: London


Job Advert Description

Key Responsibilities:

Service Quality Leader

  • Minimise the effects of a disrupted service on customers through effective use of strategies outlined to Senior and iBus Controllers using established service control methods. This includes supervising curtailments, projections, advancing, holding and retarding of departures. Strategies should be maintained regularly, ensuring our services maximise QICs payments..
  • Establish positive relationships with all levels of staff, customers and external agencies, enabling improvements in the service Arriva London provides.
  • Work closely with garage teams to identify areas within the business where further improvements can minimise disruption to bus services
  • Monitor all Hyperion data and taking subsequent action to ensure high performance is achieved and maintained
  • Building effective cases for any appeals or suspensions to be submitted to TfL in order for performance data to be omitted or amended due to extenuating circumstances
  • Carry out daily audits of curtailments and service actions to ensure they meet with TfL expectations. Responsible for formally responding to General Managers and any remedial action required following a TfL audit.

Performance Team Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the performance of all routes within the iBus Control Centre and all other issues that affect contractual performance
  • Work to challenging targets, which will be set by the General Manager.
  • Identify training needs of Senior Controllers / Controllers working closely with the Service Quality Team Leader.
  • Work in conjunction with the team to ensure that the iBus Control Centre operates effectively and in line with business and health and safety requirements
  • Ensure controller assessments and performance reviews are managed to meet agreed action plans.
  • Mentor newly appointed Senior Controllers
  • Assist and coach all iBus service control staffto maintainstandards set by Arriva London
  • Develop and maintain a good working relationship with operating, engineering, driving, service control staff and all relevant individuals and departments within TfL
  • Take remedial action to rectify instances which fall short of the standards expected, including giving advice, conducting fact finding enquiries and awarding appropriate informal and formal action with staff where required
  • Work closely with garage administration and engineering staff to ensure optimum use of available manpower and vehicles on a daily basis. This includes the use of additional buses and staff where required
  • Manage and take responsibility to ensure we provide a cost effective operation
  • Ensure all staff adhere to company policies, rules and procedures along with formal union agreements

Key Skills:

  • Ability to focus on the areas of efficient utilisation of resources, particularly staff and maximising the financial performance of the iBus Control Centre.
  • Proactively work to meet and exceed the expectations of TfL in key areas of performance such as service delivery, compliance, safety and customer experience
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills, a detailed knowledge of operational procedures and health and safety legislation, a willingness to embrace company initiatives, both in London and nationally, a belief in staff development and a pride in achieving outstanding company performance
  • The ability to add value and move the business forward
  • Familiar with the Arriva approach to managing, and will display and encourage in others the Arriva brand behaviours.
  • Previous management experience in a similar role is essential.
  • Applicants should be able to indicate any measures they have undertaken recently to improve their skills and must be prepared to participate in any training or development associated with the role

Details of the Position:

  • The successful applicant will need to be flexible and prepared to take up positions within Arriva London as required by the business
  • Appointments will be subject to completion of a satisfactory period of probation

 Please make sure to attach your CV and supporting letter.


Your letter should focus  on your experience and other relevant factors in support of your application.  You must give examples from your current role or a previous managerial role to support your skills in the following areas:


•               Effective management and engagement of staff.

•               Ensuring the health and safety of staff at your location.

•               Ensuring driving efficiencies across your areas of responsibility.

•               Delivering best in class communication.

•               Identifying problem areas with analysis and implementing corrective action.

•               Working under pressure and time management.

•               Working cross-functionally to ensure the best outcome for the whole company.


Finally you should include a short summary stating why you think you would be a suitable candidate for the post. An initial selection of candidates will be made on the basis of the information contained in the application. 


Application closing date: 28th February 2018




We may use internet searches to perform due diligence on candidates in the course of recruitment. Where we do this, we will act in accordance with our data protection and equal opportunities obligations


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